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NEW! Fessenden Six-Shooter

FOR 2012 Jerry introduces an economy six-string entry-level pedal steel guitar complete with two pedals. This new creation is aimed at the guitarist or musician looking for an easy and inexpensive transition to pedal steel guitar.

Tuning 1-6 G#, E, B, G#, E, B
Pedal 1 raises the B's to C# , Pedal 2 raises the G#'s to A  


six shooter


Robert Randolph's new lacquer 13-string

Universal Twelve

Single Ten with Pad



six shooter under


Ståle Søbye's lacquer D-10 w/rope inlay

Double Ten

Drew Howard's SD-12 w/ TrueTone pickup....

Robert Randolph's new axe

Fessenden Guitar Company
63W 700N
Whitehall, IN 46184